Trekking Adventures in Costa Rica

Why Trekking?

Trekking or hiking in the mountains is the favourite pastime of many a human across the globe. It’s not what you would call a relaxing activity to pursue. In fact it can be quite tiring and difficult. And yet we still do it. Probably because we love the challenge. There must be other reasons for you to go though?

Clear the head

Trekking can do wonders for your state of mind. There’s something about trekking up mountain paths and camping outside that clears your head, and allows you to get away from all of your problems, and with distance you can gain perspective. Then again it might simply be all that fresh air.

Social time

Trekking can actually be quite a social activity. You might prefer to be alone, but when you’re with others, you can keep each other going, share experiences and help one another not get too lost along the way. Some people have friendship groups they only see when they meet up for treks. You form good bonds and friendships whilst out and about.

Experience nature

Being outdoors and seeing wild nature with your own eyes, rather than through a camera lens is a beautiful experience. Or scary, dependent on what you see. You’ll experience amazing landscapes, breathe in the fresh air and immerse yourself in the wonderful character of the world around you.

For your health

As a physical activity, trekking is very good for your body. You tend to walk up and down hills etc, so your body is getting an intense workout that’s similar to any form of endurance training. And treks can go on for days and weeks, so the slow pace you set will burn lots of fat and calories, making you fitter, gaining a better body shape.

Trekking Tours

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Cerro Chirripó Tour

Reach the summit of Chirripó National Park and conquer Centro America’s second highest peak for your upcoming expedition.

Cerro Ena Trek

Witness the spectacular view of the highlands' landscapes in Costa Rica watching both coastlines at the same time.

Corcovado Trekking Tour

Experience the Costa Rica's most biodiverse national park in the exuberant rainforest of Corcovado and get in touch with its delightful nature.

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