Tapirs’ Path

A trek crossing different zones near the Corcovado National Park. As you progress along the route, you will enter the intense jungle bordering the park where a lot of species of animals and plants will show up. Since in many occasions the park is fully booked, this tour is the best option for those who want to visit it. The reason, here you will have the same ecosystems you can find in the park besides having a cultural experience with Ngöbe people and enjoy the beach.

A cultural tour about Ngöbe traditions is available upon request
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  • 1 night of lodging in Playa Blanca
  • 1 night of lodging in Aguas Ricas Lodge
  • 1 night of lodging in Corcovado Jungle (hut)
  • Meals starting with dinner ending with breakfast
  • Local guide during the trek
  • Hiking shoes (waterproof are recommended)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Personal medicines
  • Flashlight with extra batteries


The trekking expedition starts in Playa Blanca. The first day we get ready for the journey through the forests of the Osa Peninsula, and rest to gain some strength for this amazing trip.
Breakfast is ready very early in the morning so that we can take advantage of the cool morning hours. We depart at 7 a.m. heading towards Aguas Ricas Lodge indigenous reserve. A typical lunch will be served at noon. After this, a short nap may be needed to recover energy. In the afternoon, you can go to the river and enjoy its fresh waters.
Today we depart at 7 a.m. towards Corcovado Jungle Property. This is a private property in which 95% of its territory has been voluntary preserved. The trails to reach the shelter is among the dense forest which limits with Corcovado National Park. The same species that inhabit the National Park dwell in this property since animals do not know about borders and move through these protected forests as their needs demand. Mammals, birds, reptiles, and others might be seen depending on their behavior while we walk. After the arrival in the hut we have lunch. In the afternoon, we visit the waterfalls to take a spectacular shower in this breathtaking place.
On this day, we head for Drake Bay. The trail is quite similar to the previous one until we arrive in Rancho Quemado. A delicious lunch will be served at Laguna Chocuaco Lodge. We will have some time for resting, and we continue the hike at 1 p.m. Once in Drake Bay, you can enjoy the beach. Lodging is at Martina’s place this night.
Today you have the day to enjoy the beach. Tour options, extra nights, and transfers are available upon request.

Prices per person according to the number of participants

Number of people serving 2 3 4 or more
Prices $438 $375 $344
Note: Chirripo.com reserves the right to change or omit portions of any itinerary due to bad weather or rain conditions.